Friday, August 31, 2007


Just wanted to note, with reference to a previous post, that I omitted to mention that we had a behaviourist in to help with Mollie - Bev (KizKiznobite). Bev helped us enormously by giving us an insight into possible reasons for Mollie's behavioural issues, and by getting Mollie interested in treats as a reward (we couldn't get her treat-motivated before). It took a good couple of hours for Bev to fully get Mollie's attention and focus, and at one point Bev looked down to see Charley cat sitting very attentively next to Mollie in case they were cat treats, but although it still takes some effort to get Mollie's attention sometimes she has never slipped all the way back to where she was.

Hopefully, a bit more training will get Mollie even further on the road to being a well-behaved little monster :D

Thursday, August 30, 2007

There are some things ...

... that you can only do with a small dog!!

"Where's mum?"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hurrah!! The last tablet!!

This morning I gave Mollie her last evil antibiotic tablet. She did not want to swallow it and growled at me as I stroked her throat. But then I got a Baker's meaty chunk out of my pocket and showed her it, and she went 'Gulp!'.

Mollie is still tired from the weekend. Yesterday she went straight to bed when I took her next door, and was most upset when Marlene got up - in fact she was so upset that she went into the spare bedroom and went to sleep on the spare bed. But then in the afternoon she wanted to play ball LOTS, and she was still playing when we got home from work.

Today, she is also very tired. She didn't want any biscuits but she had to have something in her stomach because of the tablet, so I fed her some treats - although she had to sit and lie down for them. Hopefully she'll go home and eat some biscuits during the day, although she'll probably also have a nice lunch next door - yesterday she had a bit of sausage and some chicken! And for tea she had some biscuits, a bit of rice (she would have eaten more but I took it off her), some raw cauliflower stalk (which she loves) and she also tried some curried spinach but wasn't sure about it. Oh and she had a couple of slices of the Quorn fake turkey with stuffing. Yum. And a bit of carrot. OK, maybe I need to stop off and get some dog food on the way home from work tonight...

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9 months ago, when we first brought Mollie dog home (above), she was a timid, clingy girl with absolutely no discipline, poor muscle tone and her only command was 'sit'. Now she does sit, stay, lie down, fetch, bring it (carry the ball while walking), wait and "get in YOUR bed". And when she's tired, she's happy to go upstairs on her own to sleep. Maybe soon we'll be able to leave her at home on her own...

A dog trainer not too far from us is thinking of starting flyball fun classes. I think Mollie might just be ready to give it a go - whaddya reckon?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Scorchio! Or - Mollie meets the sea.

This weekend we both took Friday off so that we could have a long weekend, bliss! But now it's Monday evening already and I still haven't ironed any clothes for next week. We had a cunning plan this weekend - get stuff done Friday and today, and have fun in between. It worked!

Saturday morning, once we'd got ourselves ready and packed the car, we headed up to Tracy's parents in North Nottinghamshire, where we were greeted by an absolutely ridiculous amount of squeaking and wriggling on the part of their ageing black Labrador, Zoe. She and Mollie were so happy to see each other that they couldn't even say hello to start with, they just ran round each other in circles! We had a lovely afternoon and Mollie made sure Zoe's face was very clean, and she also thoroughly tested Tracy's parents' ball throwing abilities. Before tea, we headed out for a walk, up the village, through the next village, and back home down the canal. I have to say, we were hugely impressed with the local council - dotted along the canal were not only poo bins, but also poo bag dispensers full of bags! Fantastic - not only that they have done that but also that no-one's nicked all the bags and set fire to the bin...

And then yesterday. Clutching a scribbled set of instructions from Tracy's Dad, we headed East towards the coast, on the assurance that we'd find a large stretch of dog-friendly beach at Huttoft, hidden cunningly behind the golf course. Guess what? We did!! There were few amenities - just some loos and an ice-cream van, but there was a massive long stretch of sandy beach with loads of dogs running around.

Mollie was impressed. She ran around lots. Inevitably, we came away with three basic kinds of photo:

1) Mollie with the ball

2) One of us with the ball

3) Mollie waiting for the ball

In addition, there were the usual shots of Mollie's bottom.

At one point, Mollie stole someone's black lab, and the lab's ball. Despite our best efforts to retrieve Mollie, and the lab's best efforts to give her back, it took a while to separate the two who had apparently become fast friends and were happily swapping tennis balls.

During the course of the afternoon, Mollie became best friends with a number of dogs for a short time, and memorably managed to steal a big Golden Retriever and what I seem to remember as a staffie cross. Tracy bent down to pick up the ball and by the time she was upright again, she'd got three dogs and the owner of the spare two was running towards us shouting "Sorry! Sorry!".

We didn't mind. They were friendly dogs and that's two more 'breeds' for Mollie to cross off her dangerous list. In fact, I think she's now pretty much only scared of male dogs that are on leads - if their owners don't trust them, neither does she - sensible girl.

On the way home, behind her new dog guard and snuggled down on a fleecy blanket, Mollie pretty much slept the whole journey. When we stopped at a pub for a quick drink, she was so sleepy she practically fell out of the boot of the car. And today, she's spent more time asleep than awake. We took her swimming at Sence Valley this morning to wash off the salt. I think that finished her of...

The EzyDog harness, for those (Graham) who wish to know, arrived in the nick of time on Saturday morning. Mollie wore it while we were out on Saturday afternoon and also yesterday afternoon when we ventured out of the beach in search of sustenance. Even though she was covered in sand it didn't seem to chafe particularly, and whenever she's had it on so far but been off lead, she's run about as if she's not wearing it. We've not tried the seat belt attachment yet as we mostly take her out in Tracy's car which has a dog guard, but it looks nice and sturdy. So it's a thumbs up from us!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Harness update

Looks like we're going to get one of these:

It's an Ezydog harness and comes with a detachable seat belt clip which means we can leave the clip in the car and the harness on the dog.

This will be Mollie's 3rd harness - first we tried the Ancol one, which is fantastic (brilliant) as a seatbelt harness, but as you can't detach the metal clip it's inadvisable to use it for walking too far - the clip bangs on the dog's spine. So that was passed on to someone else and we got an RAC harness - much much better for leaving on the dog, but not so great in the car as the belt clip can't swivel at all. Because of this, and because Mollie seems to be a bit of a Houdini, she can get out of it really quickly - so once the new one has arrived we'll give the RAC one to next door to use as it's great for walking.

I'll let you know how I get on with the EzyDog.

Edit: Just ordered it from D For Dog. Jenny kindly let me knew as soon as they were in the catalogue so I could bag one - they're very efficient so I hope to get it Saturday or failing that, Tuesday. You wouldn't think someone could get excited about a new dog harness, but I am :D

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Topsy Turvy

Does anyone else think there's something wrong with this picture?

Normal cat/dog house:

Owner calls dog, dog comes.
Owner calls cat, cat thinks about it, dog comes.

Our house:

I call the cats (separately or individually), the cats come.
I call the dog, the dog thinks about it, the cats come.

I think I've just highlighted a small gap in Mollie's past training. Not to mention what you can achieve with cats with the occasional, completely random, bribe of honey roast turkey off the bone...

Bad habits

Well, as I suspected would happen, Mollie's learned from Sunday's experience to slip her collar at will. She slipped it on Monday when out with the neighbour, who's going to keep her away from busy roads for the time being (luckily you can get to the woods without leaving our estate).

Mollie currently wears a soft collar from Rogz - it doesn't chafe, and if she catches it on a branch or whatever when rummaging in the undergrowth, it will stretch so she can get free rather than be stuck, if that makes sense - in fact that's how come she can slip it. I don't want to get her a leather collar, as they're not ideal for a dog that swims (in fact the last one she had stained her fur pink when it got wet!). So I guess that means getting her a harness of some sort for when she's next door - which would also help our lovely neighbour to control her when she's on the lead as she's a little monster and pulls really badly.

Anyone got any recommendations? Are terriers that rummage OK with a harness on, would it be likely to catch? Ideally she'd need a harness that can be left on while she's off lead...

Monday, August 20, 2007

That was the weekend that was

Well, Mollie and I really packed some excitement into the weekend this time. NOT. Saturday she was still a bit pustulant (sorry, but I really like that word) and scabby so we stuck to the garden and played ball, and then we snoozed, and wrestled a bit, and played again. Quite a boring day but for some reason I was really tired, and T was away at the Goddess Camp (more about that here) most of the day so I wasn't really motivated to do much.

Yesterday was slightly more exciting. The day started out sunny, so Mollie and I were wildly optimistic: she grabbed her ball (the last one out of the packet!) and I put some washing on. Predictably, by the time the washing had finished, it was raining! Eventually, at 5 o'clock, I managed to get Mollie out for a walk. We went up round the Forest Rock woods (you can read about them and our other local woods here - you'll need Internet Explorer). On the way back, as we approached the kissing gate, I called to Mollie to sit so I could hook her lead onto her collar - which she did, reluctantly. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but Mollie really can't understand why she has to be dragged a certain way through the gate when she can perfectly well get under the bottom bar. Well, yesterday it was worse than usual. As I tried to get her back into the gate so she could come through it with me, she reversed and slipped her collar, and ran straight across the Leicester Road. At this point of the road, as you leave Whitwick, you are approaching a 60mph limit, and most drivers at this point are accelerating. Drivers coming the other way have just come round a bend and are usually braking, and luckily, as I ran after Mollie and she stopped and cowered in the middle of the road, it was this kind of driver that was heading towards us. They braked in time and I managed to grab Mollie by the scruff and yank her onto the pavement. I carried her home. On the way she tried to lick my face a few times. I had been so scared that she would get squashed! I think she's going to have to have her harness on all the time when she's out for a short walk from home like that, now that she knows how to slip her collar.
I did eventually forgive her. She spent ages when we got home trying to suck up to me, climbing on my lap and leaning on me, and after a while I was able to relax. She really scared me though!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Goodbye Watson

Another canine cancer sufferer has lost his battle - Watson has gone to join Prince in a world beyond physical pain. I can't imagine how it must feel to lose such a big part of your life, especially when you've been fighting so hard to keep it, and my heart goes out to Linda and her family.

It's easy giving tablets to dogs II

Skipped straight to step 4 last night, and gave Mollie a couple of treats after the tablet, and lots and lots of praise. Her jaws are really strong from playing tug lots, so as you slightly release the lower jaw to drop the tablet in she tries to close her mouth and it does take a bit of effort to not let her!

Mollie got so excited by all the praise that she had to go and fetch a rawhide chew (or rather one end of one she'd had stashed somewhere for a few days) and tease me with it. She spent nearly the whole evening chewing it, even carrying a bit up to the office, and by bedtime nothing was left but a sticky smudge on her blanket on the settee...

I moved her office bed back onto the floor last night, after she tried to jump up on it while I was elsewhere. The chair is a normal office chair, i.e. with wheels, and the desk is very slippy, so she basically failed in her attempt but did not the keyboard and mouse off the desk! Doubly unfortunate because Tracy's treatment room is directly below the office and she was treating someone at the time...oops...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's easy giving tablets to dogs

You know this business of it being easier to get a tablet down a dog than down a cat? It’s so not true!!

  1. Put tablet in Baker’s Meaty chunk. Hand chunk to dog. Dog eats chunk, spits out tablet.
  2. Cut slightly slimy tablet in two, drop into food, give food to dog. Dog eats food and one half of tablet
  3. grab tablet in one hand and dog in the other, drop tablet in dog’s mouth and hold closed. Dog swallows. Release dog. Dog spits tablet on floor.
  4. Repeat step 3 but this time holding dog’s mouth closed for longer. Finally, the tablet is gone!!

Might just skip straight to step 4 tonight… sigh… she’s been living with cats for too long!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's been a long day, apparently

Itchy Belly - Part II

As mentioned yesterday, Mollie has a rash on her belly. Well, we went to see our very nice vet, M. Drouin, who said that she has a very nice case of pustulating dermatitis (he was showing his work experience girl). It wasn't pustulating this morning, so it looks to me like she's fighting it off quite nicely and it's come to the surface, so it looks - and probably feels - incredibly like chicken pox. She had an antibiotic jab and has got some tablets to help the infection clear up. At the moment she's still quite a happy girl, especially since she now has an improved desktop perch with a pillow to lie on - but I know that will change as the antibiotics take hold.

It looks like that terrier thing of bouncing through grassy meadows isn't such a good idea in Mollie's case. Luckily most of our favourite walks have good paths though, so we'll just have to be a bit more careful about where we throw the ball...

Charley cat and the old gits

I may have mentioned at some point that we also have cats. We have three, and I thought I ought to introduce you to them, so here they are:

Firstly, Samson, aka Sammy Cat, aka the Hat (likes to sleep on your head if you're sitting on the sofa and leaning back), aka Diddle Monster, aka Fangs. Founder member of the Reservoir Cats.

: 13 years young
Breed: Persian x tabby
Distinguishing Features: ripped ears, incredibly fluffy back legs, slight kink in tail, scar at side of mouth.
Favourite saying: "eck"

Used to be known as "incredibly bored cat" in his youth and picked fights just for fun. Ex-champion bed mice player and duvet surfer. Recovering vole addict. Bath inspector. The boss.


Next, Sammy's twin brother Seth, aka Teddy Bear, aka Bear. Founder member of Reservoir Cats.

Age: 13 years young

Breed: Persian x tabby
Distinguishing Features: paunch, weedy little excuse for a tail, huge pointy teeth.
Favourite Saying: "bear"

Used to bring in leaves, sticks and huge hairy spiders. Once helped rear a litter of kittens, allowing the mother to take breaks while he cleaned and played with them. Learned to miaow aged 8, now he never stops. Spends much of his time asleep or demanding ham from the neighbours.


And finally, Charley, aka "Dat Charley Cat", aka Thug.

Age: about 4 and a half
Breed: moggie (tortoiseshell/calico and white)
Distinguishing features: piercing gaze, very short tail
Favourite saying: "meep!!"

Once caught a sparrow but fell asleep under a recliner with it between her paws. The sparrow fell asleep too and was later released, slightly damp but unharmed. Likes to stare through windows and play chase with Mollie dog. Also enjoys "bouncing" Sammy and big fat pigeons. Loves to kiss bare toes. Catnip addict.

Edit: Note to Wolfie owners - "bouncing" in this instance is similar to boofing, but smaller. ;-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Every desk should have one

Itchy belly

Poor little Mollie dog is feeling a bit sorry for herself at the moment. She has a nasty rash from her inner thighs all the way up her belly and chest. She's eating fine and still wants to play ball as much as possible, but she's chewing a bit when she stops and sits down, and it's starting to look sore. She's booked into the V.E.T. tomorrow, in the meantime she's going to have some cream slathered all over her belly and chest tonight and a spell with the lampshade on while it soaks in. Not sure what cream yet - suggestions so far include:

Aloe Vera

We currently suspect either a grass pollen or wool allergy (wool blanket in back of car) . I'll let you know what we end up using and what the V.E.T. says.

Edit: Just realised it's probably not wool as one of her favourite beds since we've had her has been a sheepskin rug. So there goes that theory! I should also mention, since Graham asked, that her diet hasn't changed for months (Nature's Menu or Nature Diet depending which pet shop I go to, and Trophy Hypoallergenic biscuits), although she does often have a little bit of whatever we eat; we've been using the same detergent for years, and the same softener for months, and she was Frontlined three weeks ago.

Whatever it is, I hope it responds quickly to whatever treatment she gets and doesn't require endless trips to the vets.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Watermead Park - piccies

Here are the pictures I promised from yesterday's excursion:

King Lear's Lake:

Traditional view of Jack Russell terrier when out and about:
PICT0375 (Small)

Swimming Dog strikes again:
PICT0372 (Small)

In my top at the pub afterwards (the Hope and Anchor, in case you're wondering). She was shivering in the cool breeze while I enjoyed my cold beer (which is just out of shot! and is a certain Northern bottled brand particularly enjoyed by bikers - or in this case - ex-biker.) so I wrapped her up. She dripped onto my lap so it looked a bit like I'd wet myself when i stood up...
PICT0384 (Small)

Houdini - or back seat nesting 3: the last stand

Yesterday, we went to Watermead Park again. We've stopped going to Sence Valley for the moment as Mollie has some nasty spots between her back legs, across her inner thighs, and we think they're insect bites or an allergy - the water at Sence Valley doesn't move much so there are quite a few flies & midges and lots of weeds in the water; it's possible that something there might have bitten, stung or otherwise irritated her - and skidding after the ball on a grit path will have sent stone chips flying up too. Watermead is an ex-industrial site like Sence Valley, but rather than coal it is sand and gravel that used to be extracted there. In fact, there is a working sand pit just next to it still, at Wanlip.

On the way there, Mollie sat in her quietly in her harness for most of the journey. At one point, I looked over my shoulder and she was just lying down, head on paws, and I think her eyes were even shut. Seconds later, I felt a wet nose on my elbow and when I looked round she was completely free! I'm still not entirely sure how she did it, but the harness just wasn't on her any more. On Friday night she'd managed to stand on the seatbelt release (they're flush with the seat in that car). And on the way home she set herself free again. Today, Tracy's going to put the dog guard in the back so we can just chuck her in the boot on a pile of towels...

Anyway, at Watermead the swimming was going well again when the ball was unfortunately thrown a bit too far and Mollie just couldn't face going to get it - she did try, but after a few yards she just turned round and gave up. it holds the current record for the ball with the shortest life span - I think it was out of the packet for around 4 hours before it was lost! Even without a ball as an excuse, however, Mollie wanted to go in the water, and was literally checking the bank every few yards to see if she could get in. She hasn't quite got to the stage of just throwing herself in regardless, she has to make sure she can get out again as she's only ickle, but she's definitely become a water addict. I think we need to get a paddling pool for her next Summer!

We met lots of dogs again too, and she was very friendly with all but a lab pup who was on a lead and so a bit insecure - but even then all she did was bark a bit.

I have some lovely photos - but they'll have to wait until tonight.

In the meantime, congratulations to Graham on bringing home the lovely Tilly! I'm sure you'll agree that she's adorable, and join with me in wishing them all the best.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Working from home - easier said than done when there are pets involved!

Yesterday, because Mollie's usual minders - our neighbours - had gone on a day trip, I worked from home. This was interpreted by Mollie as meaning that I was at home to PLAY with her. Or at least fuss her. All day. Every time I turned around, there was a tennis ball and a wet nose. She dropped it on my foot. She was behind me when I went to make a coffee. What's more, every time I sat down, Sammy cat jumped on my lap. At one point, they ganged up on me - I had Sammy on my lap, leaned forward to do some typing, and Mollie snuck in behind me on the settee!

Despite all the attempts at sabotage, I did actually manage to get some work done, eventually. But my 'lunch hour' was spent throwing a ball in the back garden... sigh...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A day in the life of a doggit (nearly)

Sleeping Dog...
Well, OK, after yesterdays embarrassing foray into the murky depths of my subconscious mind, let's get back to the star of the show - Mollie dog, aka Doggit. Starting with last night. When we came to go to bed, it was occupied. Sometimes, if she's really fast asleep, we pretend she isn't there and leave her be - but with the duvet being folded back and her on top of it, that would've been a little tricky. So we whispered in her ear, "Mollie, are you going to get in your bed?" and this was her rather elegant response:

I have obviously edited the first photo slightly to preserve her modesty... for what it's worth! As you can see, she was mightily peeved by the flash on the camera! (NOT)

I eventually had to pick her up and put her in her crate...ahhhh...

This morning she was very sleepy and just wanted to go next door and get back to bed, but after a good day's ball fetching she was raring to go again. After a quick go at her Kong (you can see the video here but it's quite big, sorry), she picked up her tennis ball, dropped it at my feet, then came and sat on me. I was in a very ladylike position with one knee up and one down, she leaned on my right leg and the warmth just gradually sent her to sleep - her legs buckled under and she collapsed:
As you can see, I was utterly devastated :D

...To Swimming Dog...
We took her to Sence Valley again this evening (she did wake up, and she ran round like a headless chicken, squeaking, after we said the 'W' word!) and she led us to the swimming spot and basically begged us to throw the ball in. A few good splashes later (did you know that the terrier bounce works in water too? Quite impressive) we bimbled back to the car, where she attempted the nesting routine in spite of the harness.

..And Back Again...
All in all a very tiring day, for a little doggit. Night night!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mental Jukebox - incidental music or revenge of the Id?

This has almost nothing to do with Mollie dog, except inasmuch as she might occasionallyset it off, so to speak - but I felt the need to share.
I basically have music playing in my head most of the time. Usually it's something I've heard on the radio, or it's triggered by something I see, something that someone says, or it's just random. When I opened my A-level results, it played 'China in your hands' (T'Pau) - a particularly appropriate choice, I thought.
This morning, it was apparently randomly playing 'Valerie' by Stevie Winwood.

But by far the most bizarre subconscious choice, and one which recurs on a disturbingly regular basis, is this:

The 1973 Swedish Eurovision Entry

I saw a video of it once at a friend's house in Sweden, I think it was in 1985 or something and there was a retrospective of Swedish Eurovision entries on TV. I'm assuming that the only reason that this particular song stuck in my head is because of these rather charming lyrics:

I am blue and I long for your caress
your breasts are like swallows in nesting

I suppose I should be grateful this is pretty much the only 'schlager' it plays, with the exceptions of Abba's 'Waterloo', Katrina and the Waves 'Walking on Sunshine' and very, very occasionally, Carola Häggkvist's 'Främling' (1983).

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bradgate Park

We took the doggit up to Bradgate Park today. She was panting in the car, although I think that was as much from excitement as anything - but she had some water after we'd parked up, just in case. We went in at the Woodhouse end, near the entrance for the Broombriggs Farm trail - it's not so busy as the other entrances, and there's loads of shade to park under. There's also no proper path. Anyway, we got there probably around 12.30 and it was scorching!! It's such a beautiful place, and Mollie loves it - acres of space to run and explore, usually loads of dogs to gossip with, streams and pools to jump in... what more could a hyperactive dog ask for on such a lovely day?

Of course, even though there were lots of pools, like this rather lovely one, she refused to jump in without the enticement of a thrown ball (which we left in the car - oops).

Do excuse the presence of my behind in this photo, but it shows how sceptical she was about the whole thing.. (you can lead a dog to water, etc)

Eventually, at a different pool, we came across these sweet, bouncy little spaniels - Cavaliers I think.
They wagged and squeaked at her until she ran round to say hello, then eventually she went in up to her knees. We stayed there for a good 10 minutes watching the three of them play, it was great to see, especially since Mollie has historically been fairly worried about strange dogs, even small ones. But today, she said hello to quite a few, although she did say hello to one that growled at her - she was quick to bark back though, and beat a hasty retreat.
All in all, a lovely, if very tiring walk, and Mollie of course collapsed in the shade as soon as we got home.

Did she 'eck as like!! How could we possibly expect her to waste such a glorious day?!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Jack Russell? Parson Russell? What's the difference?

My original cunning plan for today was to show you a picture of Mollie Dog refusing to get out of bed, and give it a witty caption. Unfortunately, I foolishly switched the camera on after pointing it at the head and legs poking out from under the duvet, and the sound of the lens extending woke her up - and she got out of bed! I suppose now I know how to wake her up in the mornings... and next time I'll switch the camera on before I go anywhere near Mollie!

So - my backup plan is to consolidate in one place all the links to sites where I've read about the history of the JR breed. If I had more time and energy I'd write an actual article, but I'll just give you the links and let you come to your own conclusions for the moment - do let me know what you think though, as I find it all somewhat confusing.
I do find it interesting that the Jack Russell Club of Great Britain say, on their
History page,

"The Jack Russell Terrier of today is still able to perform the functions it was originally bred to do. It has longer legs which enable it to run with the hounds."

If you read their breed standards, Mollie is way off - her nose is too long, her head too round, her tail probably too long plus it's not straight, her elbows stick out too far, she's far too timid. Mind you, her inherent Terrier bravery is coming out more and more - she was giving the monsters in the garden what for again last night (well, you never know - they might attack at any time!!).

Other sites with information about the breed are:

The AKC and UKC recognition of Jack Russell is in general staunchly opposed by working dog clubs such as the JRTCA and JRGB:

In my opinion, the move by the UK KC and AKC to give the two different sized variations different breed names and set a conformity driven by looks alone is proving horrendously confusing, especially since no-one quite seems to agree on the names.
Some rescue centres and breeders are now calling the long-legged variety such as Mollie a Parsons Russell, some just call her a JR, some a Russell..*shrug* Well, she's registered with her insurance and chip companies as a JR, but we just call her Mollie. I don't think she conforms to any breed standard, but she's a wonderful pet.