Monday, December 10, 2007

Goodbye my friend

This is a picture of Tracy's parents black labrador, Zoe. She was a wonderful girl, full of love, who as a young dog was the terror of rabbits and squirrels.
More recently she was mostly just a sun worshipper and cuddle monster who, in true lab style, would run headlong at your knees before sliding down your legs and landing on your feet, legs in the air, all the while wagging and squealing fit to burst. When Zoe said hello, you knew about it.
Sadly, Tracy's parents today had to make the tough decision to let her go to a better place, where she has no arthritis, no fatty lumps, and all the rabbits she can chase. I'm sure she will have been greeted on the other side by her best friend Pippa, who died last year. Run free, old girl.

Shiatsu Puppies

While I remember, I thought I'd just share this with you.

Tracy and I have both commented previously on our blogs about how people confuse Shiatsu and Shih-Tzu - but we'd never actually seen it in writing until a few days ago, when our local paper actually carried a small advert for Shiatsu puppies.

Oh, how we laughed...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Sorry I haven't had time to post much recently! I'll write a nice long post very soon about what Mollie has been up to, in the meantime here's a couple of pictures from last weekend, in the woods near our home.