Monday, December 22, 2008

New food

A couple of weeks ago, I changed Mollie's food. The stuff she was on before is wholesome enough, but didn't agree with her a huge amount. And she was never very enthusiastic about it. But as you can see from the piccy above, she absolutely loves her new food and actually demands to be fed now.

She will still sometimes share with the cats as well, although she has taken to protecting her food occasionally - which normally results in it being removed sharpish by me, and only given back if she does some tricks (just giving paw etc). Charley cat (above) is Mollie's best friend and also "The Boss" so will generally box Mollie's ears if she uses bad language. I had honestly never seen it done before, but Charley sits up and literally throws punches at the sides of Mollie's head... Charley is one heck of a cat -I think she thinks she's OUR boss too!

PS The food that the wee beasties are now eating is a natural wet food - I don't want to advertise them particularly, but if you're interested in feeding any of your pets a more natural diet, join the campaign for better pet foods at

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Mollie has been behaving a little strangely, on and off, for the last few days... and we're wondering if she could either be broody or going through some kind of temporary hormone imbalance. We had her spayed in January 2007, a couple of months after getting her, and I believe she had not long finished her season when we adopted her in November 2006 (yup, we've had her two years!!), so the timing would potentially fit..

She's not been doing anything which gives cause for concern, particularly, but just a few little weird things she doesn't normally do... like leg-humping. Well, actually, she doesn't get to the humping bit because she stands up, grabs your leg really tight and then looks a bit confused, as if she can't think what to do next. She has been showing some tendencies to dominant behaviour - barking when she wants something; staring etc, nothing really bad - , so it could be linked to that I suppose!

She's also been piling up her toys. Obviously she has to catch them first, as the pesky things run away ("baby sheep" nearly jumped in the fire last night) . One by one, she catches them, shakes them a bit, then gathers them together in one spot on the floor.

And she's getting quite determined in her washing of the cats, too - Charley had to box her ears last night to make her stop. Seth doesn't seem to mind too much, mostly. I suppose at least Mollie's not a slobbery dog, so when she washes the cats they don't end up soaked to the skin..