Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're back!!

Erm.. hello :)

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, it all got a bit hectic what with work, two "weddings" and a honeymoon....

While the handfasting took place, Mollie dog went to stay with a dog-sitter for a couple of days and had a whale of a time. She was so tired when we picked her up that she slept all the way home, all that night and most of the following day!! She had quite a bad belly rash again, but this time we got to it before it got infected and it's not been too bad - baby wipes are perfect for removing pollen after walks in long grass (even if we're careful the ball tends to go in the grass)! Also, we've had a really nasty flea infestation - we've sprayed the house twice, Mollie's been treated, but she just keeps picking them up from the grass and from other dogs. It's a nightmare... poor girl is so irritated!

Anyway, apart from all that, Mollie is in fine fettle, so without further ado I'll leave you with some images of her and her new friend Trixie (Tracy's parents' new pup, a JR x Yorkie) when they met for the first time at the weekend.