Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Harness!! (again)

Ok, so this is Mollie's fifth harness so far. To be honest, we would have stuck with the fleece one if it hadn't stretched, and if Mollie hadn't figured out how to reverse out of it - as it is, she can keep the fleece one for short walks that don't involve water. But for longer adventures, pub outings and places where she might be tempted to swim, she now has this:

The belly strap means she can't escape, and those of you with similarly adventurous terrierists will understand what an advantage that lift handle on the back is going to be: Mollie has a nasty tendency to jump over 2ft high walls and then discover they're that bit higher on the other side. Most of the time, she can jump back, as she's quite agile and bouncy - but every now and then she gets stuck.

The harness is also breathable, lightweight and can go in water without soaking a load up, so we don't have to take it off and carry it round just cos she's jumped in a lake... which is good.

She hasn't worn it out and about yet, as it only arrived yesterday, but as you can see she seems quite happy with it - we were out playing ball with her wearing it and she was happily leaping about, over the fence, over the hedge, doing her usual spectacular mid-air catches.

I'll report back on how the harness fares when we're out and about, but since it was designed with search and rescue dogs in mind I'm guessing it'll last us for a few years.

It's a Ruffwear Web Master. I got this one cheap as an end of range, but the new one has a broad chest pad, is generally a bit sturdier, and has reflective stripes and longer sleeves on the straps.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How do you dry a Mollie dog?

On Monday, it was almost unbearably hot (remember, I'm a fair skinned red-head), and Mollie dog was struggling a bit in the heat. She badly wanted to play, but if I took her out in the garden and threw the ball in my coffee break (I was working from home), she watched it fly, then just looked at me and went in.

Since she was a bit itchy anyway, I gave her a bath with her lovely soothing tea tree shampoo, and after a quick rub with a towel we went out into the garden to dry off and play. Obviously I couldn't resist taking some photos of the now blindingly white dog!!

PLEASE put that camera away and throw the ball, mum!!

Tight corner - cropped from a bigger image, hence blurred; she's at the bottom of our garden!
Got it!!

Practising her cat smiles

Pointing at the ball (carefully placed by my foot)

And finally... I couldn't resist blowing up the one of her smiling, hopefully it'll make you smile too!