Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poorly doggit :(

Last Thursday, we came home as usual from work (we car share, which gets all the "how was your day" stuff over before we get home as well as saving petrol and parking fees) to be greeted by our neighbour who kindly looks after Mollie during the day. Mollie also came out to see us and skipped about like a puppy in her usual excessive greeting routine - but Marlene (neighbour) informed us that she'd spent the whole day curled up on her lap, and had been crying and limping and refusing to eat, drink, or (more unusual for Mollie) play.

We had a quick check of Mollie but couldn't find anything except some swelling behind her left shoulder, so decided to observe her for the evening and overnight. She ate well, which was a relief, but overnight she cried whenever she turned over and it was obvious that she was stiff on that left leg and in a lot of pain. The following morning it was no better, and we were shattered, so both took the day as holiday, and I got Mollie booked in to the vets. By this time we had both treated Mollie - Tracy with some Shiatsu and myself with some energy healing - and she seemed happier but still in pain and unwilling to move much. We were sure she'd pulled a muscle, and the vet confirmed this and prescribed painkillers and rest.

Ever tried to keep a Jack Russell calm? Sod's Law would have it that we've had the most amazing weather, and as a solar powered dog Mollie wanted to be out there playing! But for a few days you could see that she really needed the two tablets a day. Yesterday she went down to one tablet, in the evening, and Marlene reported that she behaved as normal through the day - playing with her best friend Marley for a bit and also chasing a ball in the garden; although she wasn't allowed to push herself too far. We think that she'll be fully back to her normal self by the weekend, which will be great! Having a doggit that wants to run around but can't is a nightmare, especially with such a vocal breed!

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Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Hello, we found your blog through Dogs with Blogs and thought we'd say hi - I'm in the UK too.

Hope Mollie is feeling better now?